Can we raise $50 000 in 4 weeks to benefit the people of South Sudan?

Quite a few people have asked what is the most strategic way to help His House of Hope financially. Well, here is an answer! One off donations to the solar power project in the next 4 weeks would be a really strategic investment!

There is $30 000 of money that has been made available for the solar power project but will only be released if we can show the finances to complete it. We are hoping to raise $50 000 reasonably quickly from private/corporate sources to kick things along! That breaks down as:

1000 people giving $50

500 people giving $100

100 people giving $500

50 people giving $1000

10 people giving $5000

For more information on the solar power project, see here.

Or just donate now via secure online donation on the website for Pioneers Australia, our sending agency (you’ll need to specify “Project” and “His House of Hope”)

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    We are half way to $50 000 in just 2 weeks!

    It has been really exciting to hear how people are connecting with this project and are being moved to action as they see the realities facing the new South Sudan.

    Praise God for His Goodness and thank you for your generosity!

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    Wishing you all the very best guys, Our prayers and thoughts are with you on this big adventerous God centred project
    Love Hidding Family Legana Yvette Mark, Kaitlyn Olivia and Mack

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