Operation Solar Install !!

His House of Hope is now a solar powered hospital! So many generous and creative people have contributed to making this a reality. Thank you to everyone who has been involved. We hope these photos allow you to share in the joy of what this means for the orphans, women, children and families of the Yei community. Martin Dingemanse and David Meadow flew from Launceston, Tasmania, to Yei, South Sudan, in November, to spend 3 weeks installing the system and training staff in how to maximise its benefit. So much power is being generated that we’ve been able to link the orphanage and church, as well as providing for the needs of the hospital! Every day, without fail, since the creation of the world, God has blessed the world with the heat, light and energy of the sun. We are so thankful that we can now receive this energy and use it to bring hope and healing to all those who come for help at His House of Hope. What a powerful picture of grace – receiving freely from Him, being empowered by Him, and then going out to serve! God is so good!

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