Our first 6 weeks

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From Tasmania to Yei, via Dubai and Kampala. We’ve loved meeting new friends, enjoying new experiences, starting language learning, homeschooling and working in our medical and rehab roles. Here’s a taste of the journey so far….

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    Hey Guys

    Well done on such an amazing effort!! You all seem to be fitting in so well. You all look so happy, and the photos are awesome. Love the one of you on the camel Linda. Keep up the good work and a big cuddle from all of us xxxx

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    Well done guys, this is a wonderful presentation. Great to see the kids mixing it so well.



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    Thanks heaps, Graham. Very interesting to see some of your journey. Will continu
    e to carry you all

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    Just loved the photos. It’s great to see what God is doing through you guys. Loved the blood transfusion science lesson

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    it all looks so very interesting, but I guess behind it all, there is a sadness with the people but I know the
    Pooles will be a blessing to them all.

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    Hi Linda, Graham & Family. Love the photos of all of you. Everything seems to be going well over there. All our Love. Have a Merry Christmas & a happy New Year.

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    I thank the Lord Jesus for people like yourselves who have taken up the call to go out into the world to bring love and hope to Gods beloved people.. Reading your blog now and having just been reading “Kisses from Katie” by Katie Davis, the Lord has put on my heart such compassion and desire to pray up with more intensity for you guys in the mission field. We who live comfortably in our homes can do so much more for the poor and needy on our doorsteps – “I’m challenged’ ….. I thank the Lord for you dear Poole family and pray that your time in Onrus Hermanus will be a blessing. God Bless you in all ways. Health, finances and Joy in Him Love Sal and Pete

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